About our college library

The college has a well established library which caters to the need of the undergraduate and post graduate students, research scholars and the faculty. The library functions on an open access system for the faculty members and the research scholars. But the students have only a limited access.

The library remains open on all working days. The college library has a collection of about 23700 books and bound volumes of journals. It subscribes to about 25 international journals in various disciplines of commerce . Services such as lending of books and journals,web library,institutional repository, reading room, reprographic facilities and bibliographic reference and information are rendered by the library.


  • Develop user focus, user-centered culture in designing and developing information services
  • Acquire information/knowledge in print as well as non-print resources based purely on general needs of the users
  • Appropriate technology based services to users
  • Develop User Instructional Programs to extend basic information literacy competencies and life-long learning skills
  • Dissemination of information services as a pro-active activity
  • Outreach and Marketing of information services to attract and cultivate knowledge consumers
  • Adopting evaluate tools at regular intervals for improving the efficiency of user services

Dr.A.V.Baliga College of Commerce Library Video Tour