1. Students can issue a maximum of 8 books at a given point of time. Students can keep the books with them for a period of 1 month. The books should be returned before due date. Fine for Overdue books will be levied at the following rates:

  • Re 1/-  per day.

If the books are kept Overdue for more than 1 month, the student may be debarred from using the Library for that semester.

2. The books in the Reserved Sections are not for issue. Users have to consult them in the Library only.

3. The readers should check the book thoroughly for missing pages, chapters, pictures etc., while borrowing the book. Mutilated or spoiled books will have to be replaced by the borrower.

4. Readers can claim (reserve) books which are issued out. Claimed books are kept reserved for the claimant for 3 days from the date of return by previous borrower. One reader can put maximum 3 claims. Books are reissued only if there are no claims.

5. Loss of book(s) must be reported immediately. Late fees, if any, will be charged till the loss of book is reported. If the original library book is returned after reporting it lost, the fine will be calculated till the date of its return. For the rules for replacement of lost book kindly contact the Library Personnel. Library